Shuttle transportation

Shuttle transportation

Costa Rica Shuttle Transportation

Costa Rica shuttle transportation service is a transport option in Costa Rica  with an air-conditioned minibus (or coaster) between popular destinations.This routes operate daily, and in SOME cases there are multiple departure times throughout the day to all hotels. However, shared transfers are by no means a public bus. They are subject to availability and must be reserved in advance.

For group sizes of one, two, and sometimes three people, the shuttle transportation service is a convenient and economical way to travel. However, depending on group size, private transport may offer a better price per person and a more flexible departure times.

For nearly all the shuttle transportation routes, there is at least one stop along the way where passengers can stretch, use the facilities, and get a snack. In most cases,this shared transport provides door-to-door service between Costa Rica hotels in the main tourist destinations, picking passengers up at hotels in the starting destination and dropping them off at hotels in the final destination.

However, sometimes a particular hotel is located outside the area’s main hotel zone, and the shuttle will not provide this door-to-door service. In these cases, a taxi can take you and your group to the shuttle transportation pick-up or your final hotel stop.

  • Vehicle/Van/Bus
  • Profesional Drivers/Driver Guides
  • Driver Meals
  • Road Tolls
  • Parking Tickets
  • Fuel

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