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This Manuel Antonio private transportation best service value.

 Is available 24/7 and 365 days a year!!!

Costa Rica Private transfers

With the Manuel Antonio private transportation service we will meet you at the airport exit gate with the company board with your name on it.(we keep track of your flight to make sure we are there before you exit and this way we guarantee your safety by not been hassled by anyone at the airport.)
Our professional drivers are bilingual and highly experience in the service area,they are willing to give you the best possible service.

How long is the driving time to get there with the Manuel Antonio private transportation from SJO airport?
It depends on traffic but without any transit inconveniences and without stops it is a 160 km ride that takes approximately 2:45 minutes and approximately 3 hours from Manuel Antonio to  SJO airport since its a up hill drive.

Stops along the way:

Stopping along the way on the private transportation to Manuel Antonio service are allow any time that the client want but there is a limited stops time frame for this service after that we recommend a driver gratuity of $10 USD per extra hour for the service.(non mandatory but welcome for a excellent job).

Regular Stop at Tarcoles River:

There is a stop that we make on daily bases along the way on the  Manuel Antonio private transportation service, is the Tarcoles Bridge where you can see the healthiest crocodile estuary in Central America.

There you can see and photograph 12 feet Crocs and dozens of them in the same spot.

Bathrooms stops or Groceries shopping:

This is allow any time just ask our drivers what you need and he will stop at the best place and with the best prices.


For 1 passengers ?= $140 USD

For 2 passengers ?= $145 USD

For 4 passengers ?= $155 USD

For 6 passengers ?= $160 USD

For 8 passengers ?= $170 USD

For Groups Larger than 8 please contact us to get you the best possible rate and services.

Important Note:

The quote provided is completely private and only applicable to the customer with this quote form request.The quote rate provided on our reply is for a 48 hour limited time offer, starting from the moment the service quote is replied to the client.If the reservation confirmation for this quote is not completed within this time frame ,then a new request may have to be made.This has to do with availability of vehicles and global fuel rate constantly changing.

Client Advantages: If the reservation confirmation is made, this will guarantee the vehicle availability and the rate given on our reply to your quote request.Even if there is a fuel price increased the rate given will stay the same as the day it was reserved.

Thank You!!

Shared Shuttle services (rates and departure times)

Only under schedule.

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Before you book:

How do I make a booking on your website?

Please filled the quote request form…after you receive the tailored quote for the services you requested …Reply and let us now if you like to proceed!!! If you proceed …we will send you the secured service confirmation form , once this is filled and complete we will send you the vouchers for the services …Note no extra cost for flight delays if on the same date. The airport representative will be at the airport exit gate with a company board with your name on it to show you the way to you vehicle and driver.

What information do I need in order to book?

In order to confirm full payment or deposit is required in order to guarantee the service availability of one transportation service or various transfers you most filled the ground transportation service form (private or shared shuttle)found on the main menu page and then click Book Now and fill the form. If you just want a quote then click on Provide a Quote and Filled the form. For more info or direct info by phone click on free assistance and fill the contact form.

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

We are a Costa Rica transportation Network of experienced professionals with more than 19 years of experience that are looking to leave a legacy of unforgettable vacation holiday experiences in our beautiful country.Our driver will constantly be monitoring your flight on flight stats ( real time …so we know exactly when you landed and we will meet you at the airport exit gate with a board with your name on it so you wont be hassel by the local gipsy cab drivers.

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

We are located only 15 minute away from SJO airport and 25 Minutes away from the LIR airport we also have a airport representative every day all day and we have a 24/7 Phone contact just contact us and let us know so we can assist you in real time meaning immediately.

My group size has changed, can I choose another vehicle?

Regarding the last minute changes …We try our best to be most flexible Costa Rican transportation company in the local market.
We recommend to review your last numbers at least 24 hours before your arrival but if for a good reason this changes and we have vehicles available we will make the unit changes .
We remind you that we have a 24/7 costumer service where you can contact a rep for this changes.

How long will the transfer take?

Transportation in Costa Rica a little difficult is never a exact science since there are so many factors that have to be taken in consideration.
Private shuttle transfers are more direct transfer service and stops depend entirely on the costumers request.
When we reply to your shuttle ground transportation request we will let you know the ETT (estimated time of travel) or ETA (estimated time of Arrival) to your final destination.
Shared Shuttle transfers are less direct transportation services since there are more pick ups and drop offs location along the way bus still the service reply will give you a ETA to your final destination.