Costa Rica SJO airport services

Costa Rica SJO airport services:

Services at the Airport


costa rica SJO airport services

The passenger will find in the Juan Santamaria International Airport, commercial facilities such as gift shops, book stores, clothing stores, pharmacies, electronics stores, duty free shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, money exchange(low rate not recommended), ATMs, VIP rooms, jewelry, so you can enjoy your waiting time and can make last-minute purchases in a comfortable atmosphere. In this section you will find a directory of shops and services the airport has for you.


?/Frequently Asked Questions

Departure Procedures

How long before your flight should you arrive at the airport?

It is recommended that you arrive at the airport three hours prior to your flight’s departure.

How much is the departure tax from Costa Rica?

The departure tax charge to exit the Costa Rican territory applies to all passengers, citizens of Costa Rica and foreigners, minors and adults. Currently this tax is US $ 29.00.

Where you can pay the departure tax?

It is important for the passenger to find out if the airline with which they are traveling has the departure tax included in the ticket price, if not the tax may be paid at the Bancrédito counter located in the lobby of the airport.

List of airlines that already include the departure tax on the ticket.

Inclusion of departure taxes!!!

Air Panamá
Air Canada
American Airlines
Grupo Avianca
Delta Airlines
Jet Blue Airways
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
Alaska Air Lines
IBERIA (august 4)
Exit Tax

Starting in June 2015, this tax will be included in the Flight Ticket value.

The following airlines already charged the exit tax amount into their tickets value:

These airlines hasn’t yet include the exit tax value:

British Airways
What are the requirements for traveling with a minor?

Costa Rican minors who wish to leave the country must have a travel permit issued by the General Directorate of Immigration. The Minor Exit Permit must be requested by the minor’s parents and may be obtained either at the General Directorate of Immigration’s central offices in San José or on the day of travel at Immigration’s airport office. Both parent’s signatures and official identification documents are required.

What are the requirements for a minor traveling unaccompanied?

These requirements are regulated by the General Directorate of Immigration, which issues a travel permit on the prior authorization of both the minor’s father and mother. Once the travel permit has been issued, a parent or responsible adult must escort the minor to the airline counter. Airline personnel will take custody of the minor, until meeting with the adult designated with picking up the minor at the country of destination.

Who should take the yellow fever vaccine, and when?

People traveling from countries considered “high risk” must take the vaccine at least 10 days prior to entering Costa Rica. Anyone living in Costa Rica who is traveling to any of the countries labeled as “high risk” must take the vaccine 10 days prior to exiting Costa Rica.

The areas labeled as “high risk” for yellow fever are:

Sub-Saharan Africa: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabón, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leona, and Sudan.

South America: Bolivia, Venezuela, Brasil, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador.

The Caribbean: French Guiana.

What should be the weight and size of my luggage?

Maximum luggage weight depends on the policies of each airline. Fees for excess or overweight baggage are also determined by the airline. If you have any questions, please check your airline’s baggage policies.

I need to change the departure date of my flight, where do I need to go?

You can make the change over the phone, by contacting the airline directly. For an airline directory.

Arrival procedures

Where can I ask for assistance for people with disabilities or for unaccompanied minors?

You must contact and notify the airline operating the flight of the person needing assistance. The air carrier will take care of the required services. For the airline directory.

Who needs a visa to enter Costa Rica?

This information is available at the Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services’ website, under the title “Entry, transit and departure of aircraft”

If I land at the SJO airport as “transit”, can I leave the airport without losing my status, or should I pay the departure tax in order to re check-in?

You can exit the airport, provided there is a minimum of 5 hours between your flights. If your citizenship requires a visa to enter the country, you will be asked to provide it.

The maximum period of time you can stay as “transit” is twelve hours. During this period, you are exempt from paying the departure tax, unless you are returning to the same country of origin. For example, if your flight is coming from Panama, and you stay in Costa Rica for eight hours, and then return to Panama, you will have to pay the departure tax.

Special Assists

Costa Rica SJO airport transportation services.


Special mobility needs

Sky Cap is the company authorized to provide wheelchair assistance for passengers with reduced mobility. This service can be contracted through the airline or directly with Sky Cap.

The contact for the Sky Cap services is:
Phone: (506) 8330 4903
email: [email protected]

Older adults

For seniors who need help to move within the airport or help with luggage, ask for the cooperation of Sky Cap, authorized company that provides this service 24 hours a day. Sky Cap provides services in exchange for a tip.

The contact for the Sky Cap services is:
Phone: (506) 8330 4903
email: [email protected]

Wireless Internet access – Wi-Fi

All the Juan Santamaria International Airport has Wi-Fi available. To use it connect to any of the networks:


Connect without the need to enter a password and enjoy Internet service.

Public telephones

The airport has public telephones throughout the terminal. You can make local and international calls using your debit or credit card.

Medical services

The airport is prepared for medical emergencies of any kind as it has a Red Cross station open 24 hours. This post is staffed by a paramedic team and have constant connection to the Alajuela Hospital, one of the most modern in the country.

In addition if you require medication for some temporary condition, there are two pharmacies, the first one located in the Green Trails Store at Gate 4 and the second is a kiosk located at gate 10. These pharmacies are open from 5am to 10pm.

The airport has defibrillators at convenient locations.

Luggage transport

Juan Santa maria International Airport offers portage. Sky Cap Company is the only authorized company. It’s in operation 24 hours. There are staff located in the international departures and baggage claim areas. Sky Cap provides services in exchange for a tip.


For Private or Shuttle transportation :
Costa Rica Airport Transportation Services 24/7 .

Airport transportation pick ups and drop offs.

Contact us.

Phone: 011-506-60924449

Best Way to check for flights

Before you book:

How do I make a booking on your website?

Please filled the quote request form…after you receive the tailored quote for the services you requested …Reply and let us now if you like to proceed!!! If you proceed …we will send you the secured service confirmation form , once this is filled and complete we will send you the vouchers for the services …Note no extra cost for flight delays if on the same date. The airport representative will be at the airport exit gate with a company board with your name on it to show you the way to you vehicle and driver.

What information do I need in order to book?

In order to confirm full payment or deposit is required in order to guarantee the service availability of one transportation service or various transfers you most filled the ground transportation service form (private or shared shuttle)found on the main menu page and then click Book Now and fill the form. If you just want a quote then click on Provide a Quote and Filled the form. For more info or direct info by phone click on free assistance and fill the contact form.

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

We are a Costa Rica transportation Network of experienced professionals with more than 19 years of experience that are looking to leave a legacy of unforgettable vacation holiday experiences in our beautiful country.Our driver will constantly be monitoring your flight on flight stats ( real time …so we know exactly when you landed and we will meet you at the airport exit gate with a board with your name on it so you wont be hassel by the local gipsy cab drivers.

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

We are located only 15 minute away from SJO airport and 25 Minutes away from the LIR airport we also have a airport representative every day all day and we have a 24/7 Phone contact just contact us and let us know so we can assist you in real time meaning immediately.

My group size has changed, can I choose another vehicle?

Regarding the last minute changes …We try our best to be most flexible Costa Rican transportation company in the local market.
We recomend to review your last numbers at least 24 hours before your arrival but if for a good reazon this changes and we have vahicles available we will make the unit chanages .
We remind you that we have a 24/7 costumer service where you can contact a rep for this changes.

How long will the transfer take?

Transportation in Costa Rica a little dificult is never a exact science since there are so many factors that have to be takenn in consideration.
Private shuttle transfers are more direct transfer service and stops depend entirely on the costumers request.
When we reply to your shuttle ground transportation request we will let you know the ETT (estimated time of travel) or ETA (estimated time of Arrival) to your final destination.
Shared Shuttle transfers are less direct transportation services since there are more pick ups and drop offs location along the way bus still the service reply will give you a ETA to your final destination.