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Costa Rica transportation special rates

Our Costa Rica transportation special rates are available from SJO airport to Puntarenas, Jaco, Manuel Antonio and La Fortuna Arenal !!!

We offer many transportation special options to any of the hundreds of travel destinations in Costa Rica. Collective shuttles, private transfer services, boats by ocean and by lake,taxis, anything you need to explore all our amazing destinations.

SJO Airport pick ups….Type of Vehicle Kia Pregio Grand 10 pax

By filling out the following reservation form you will be able to find the best rates and travel options for your stay in Costa Rica. Any additional request, special travel needs and/or inquiries will be answered and attended to with pleasure, please feel free to contact us via e-mail and we will be in contact in no time.

The service includes:

    • Vehicle/Van/SUV/Taxi
    • Profesional Drivers/Driver Guides
    • Driver Meals
    • Road Tolls
    • Parking Tickets
    • Fuel


Reservation Procedure

In order to reserve a tour or transportation or various tours or transportation destinations you most select the tour or transportation service on the tours or transport offer page and then click Book Now and fill the form. If you just want a quote the click on Provide a Quote and Filled the form. For more info or direct info by phone click on free assistance and fill the contact form.

We take all Mayor Credit Cards

In order to confirm full payment or deposit is required in order to guaranteed the service availability of one transportation service or various transports you most filled the ground transportation service form (private or shared shuttle)found on the main menu page and then click Book Now and fill the form. If you just want a quote the click on Provide a Quote and Filled the form. For more info or direct info by phone click on free assistance and fill the contact form.

 Let us now  if you like to proceed!!!
If you proceed we will send you the service contract for review, if approved we will proceed to send you the service invoice and the service confirmation form once  this is filled and complete we will send you the vouchers for the services …Note no extra cost for flight delays if on the same date. The airport representative will be at the airport exit gate with a company board with your name on it to show you the way to you vehicle and driver.
Airport REPS. Welcome Board

Terms and Conditions

Limitation of Liability Policy. Cancellations. Cancellations within 24 hours prior to departure will be considered a “no-show;” therefore, no refunds will be made. Baggage. Baggage is carried under passenger’s risk. Liability for loss, delay, or damage to baggage is limited to a maximum of USD $ 100.00, regardless of the value for it’s owner, unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid. We assume no liability for fragile, valuable or perishable articles. Adventure Activities. When practicing adventure activities, and/or visiting wilderness areas or other places were the tour enters or takes place, the tour participant attests and verifies to be physically fit and in good health to undertake these activities. The tour participant expressly accepts and assumes the risks and dangers inherent to these areas and activities. Accidents. Liability for death or personal injuries to passengers is limited to contract conditions with suppliers and insurance coverage subscribed by the company, according to the laws of Costa Rica, in effect at the moment of the accident.

Costa Rica bilingual-driver-guide




Important Note:

The quote provided is completely private and only applicable to the customer with this quote form request.The quote rate provided on our reply is for a 48 hour limited time offer, starting from the moment the service quote is replied to the client.If the reservation confirmation for this quote  is not completed within this time frame ,then a new request may have to be made.This has to do with availability of vehicles and global fuel rate constantly  changing.Client  Advantages:  If the reservation confirmation is made, this will guarantee the vehicle availability and the rate given on our reply to your quote request.Even if there is a fuel price increased the rate given will stay the same as the day it was reserved.