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Costa Rica Best tours and group discounts

Do to the high traveller’s visit to our beautiful country and the constant experience of transporting them to the main tourist destinations in Costa Rica. We have got a lot of requests by our clients to recommend the main and best tour activities and tour operators on each site.
Because of this FAQ´s and with our 20 years of first-hand experience in the development, growth and constant Excellency in services providers in reference of the tourism industry in Costa Rica.
We decided to provide you with a little help so you avoid the overwhelming, tiring hassle of finding the best, safe, fairly quoted and professional tours on site on each of these main destinations in Costa Rica .
We have used this companies on Daily bases with a 100% of service Excellency results each time!!!
We have come together with them to get a 10% discount guarantee to our clients…
We will provide you with an interactive 10% discount coupon by mail where you can select the tours by area that you want to know about and book and by filling the form… we will do the rest for you like confirmed the service and make sure you get the best possible services by been represented by our Company.

It is like having your personal Program Director always making sure your vacations go smooth and with no stress the reason why you take a vacation.