Arenal Fortuna Transfers

Private transportation or shuttle to Arenal Fortuna.

The private transportation is available 24/7 and 365 days a year.
We meet you at the airport exit gate with the company board with your name on it.(we keep track of your flight to make sure we are there before you exit and this way we guarantee your safety by not been hassled by anyone at the airport.)
Our professional drivers are bilingual and highly experience in the service area,they are willing to give you the best possible service.

How long it take to get to Arenal from SJO airport?
It depends on traffic but without any transit inconvenients and without stops it is a 114 km ride that take approximately 2:45 h and aprox 3:15 h from La Fortuna to the SJO airport since is a uphill drive.
Stops along the way:

Stopping along the way on a private transportation service are allow any time the client want but there is a limited stops time frame for this service after that we recommend a driver gratuity of $10 USD per extra hour for the service.

Regular Stop at San Ramon:

There is a stop that we make on daily bases along the way,  were youcan use the restrooms or get drinks and snacks.If you want to photograph the surroundings just tell your driver.

Bathrooms stops or Groceries shopping:

This is allow any time just ask our drivers what you need and he will stop at the best place and with the best prices.


For 2 passengers ?= $135 USD

For 4 passengers ?= $145 USD

For 6 passengers ?= $150 USD

For 8 passengers ?= $165 USD

For Groups Larger than 8 please contact to get you the best posible rate and services.